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Potato Dextrose Agar [PDA] 198g

No Color Added Potato Dextrose Agar [PDA] 198
True Blue Potato Dextrose Agar [PDA] 198g
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    This mixture is a classic when it comes to culturing fungi. A blend of dextrose, potato starch, and agar that your cultures are bound to love. One bag of this is good for a whopping 180 plates. Available with no coloring added or in MycoPals 'True Blue' for added contrast. Adding color to your culture medium makes your plates visually pleasing and it can make things easier to see. Adding color will not negatively affect your cultures.

    Directions for use
    Use 22g per 500ml water | Good for 20 plates.

    This 198g bag is able to pour 9 sleeves [180 plates] in its entirety.

    The calculation above is based on 25ml poured per dish.
    Powder preparation ratio is 0.044g powder to 1ml of water.
    1ml of water = 1gram of water.

    Prepare to pour
    Place desired weight of powder into required amount of water.

    Heat to boiling, dissolve mix completely.

    Mix well by shaking, Slight sediment at this stage, if any, dissolves completely in autoclave.

    Sterilize by autoclaving at 15psi (121c) for 15 minutes.

    Allow to cool to 113 - 122F.
    Pour onto sterile plates with aseptic technique.


    Agar begins to gel up around 104F.
    Pouring your plates in a sweet spot where the agar has not yet created a problem by gelling up on you, a temperature just above 104 and just below 117, will help you eliminate or minimize the formation of condensation on your plates.
    If reheating from solid to liquid for use only do this once with this culture media.


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