We're On The Move [Historic]

Just a quick update for anyone following, a move is planned for this upcoming May. [Which may or may not occur on time as according to plan due to the current events] The process will be quite a long one from move to farm. We’ve got to find a proper house in the area we’d like to live for things to begin and really take hold. Before that I have a few things to do as well. When I land I plan to arrange visits with farmers across the United States to meet people within the community and to gain insight into how things are working in reality. I do quite a bit of reading but I can tell just through videos on the internet that bearing witness to these actual farms will be extremely beneficial.

So far the people I have met on the internet have been very insightful and friendly people. A majority of them are quite busy as mushroom farming is a very laborious venture but that is to be expected. I’ve been unable to find any hands on experience with local farms, since I am only going to be here at my current location for another year or so even if I could find any part time employment or volunteer work it would not be for very long. No matter the length it would be very beneficial and if you are reading this and can offer such an experience in or near the Dayton area please do let me know, I’d be glad to offer my hand at your operation until I had to leave the area.

During my travel to however many a farm I will be documenting my experience on video when possible to give you some insight into my journey from place to place and to shed light on the many people out there working hard to make it happen, some of them you’ve likely already heard of. I don’t have any experience with video recording or things of that nature so I expect the beginning to be rusty but with acceptable equipment to convey information. That is just a fraction of what is in store. Plenty to come but much to do before we get there.

It feels good to be making progress toward the bigger picture. I’ve learned what I feel is quite a lot over the short amount of time that I’ve been exploring this field but I know it is not even nearly a shard off of the mountains to be climbed in the future.

Take it easy folks!

This post is from our old webpage, posted on June 17th, 2020.

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