We're Here [Historic]

Welcome to the website, a long overdue development of MycoPals, but we are happy to be here. We’ve still got lots to do and there is plenty coming down the pipe you may find interesting and valuable. Some things are still under construction here, but we are well enough through the rough patches to be functional.


MycoPals is focused on being more than just a store. In the months and years ahead we will be focused on furthering our education and expanding our physical operations to better serve our clients. We will accomplish this through the high quality services, products, and information that we plan to offer. We want to bring you with us as we grow so we will be sharing accurate and easy to digest educational materials for you to access on our website in various forms.


You deserve the best, and we are going to be the ones who bring that to you.

With appreciation,


This blog post comes from our old webpage on November 17, 2019.

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