Hear ye! Hear ye! [Historic]

Good evening everyone,




Does that word instantly bring a certain someone to mind? Is that certain someone you? Is it that guy that is constantly out marching through the woodland at all hours of peak mushroom season? Share this with them! We want to know what they’re about and we think others should too.


I’ve noticed that this community is a special one. Fungi is booming with activity on the web and there are all sorts of people involved all over the world. Inspired by the genuinely great people I’ve met so far through social media, we are looking to feature people’s stories on our webpage and that first featured person might just be you or someone you know.


On December 20th the selected entry will be contacted through the email they provided. If we need additional details or similar at that time we will let you know! We want to bring this community closer together. There are too many amazing people out there doing great things.


Go ahead, don’t be shy.. Drop us a line.

Let your voice and story be heard!




Would you like to submit your story through email?

Email us @ support@mycopals.com

This post was created on our old webpage November 19, 2019.

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